Saturday, January 21, 2017

Salvation is NOW

Dear fellow believers,

God, please bring me Home.
I don't have to wait till death for it.
You have gifted me life, leading me Home is,
I understand, is achieved in my life right now.
Right now as I embrace your love, I am at Home,
I am in Salvation.

If Lord Buddha asks, are you enlightened now,
I say Yes Now as I receive your bath of light,
your forgiveness and your infinite Love for me
and my loved ones.


Tony Chai

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Story of A Course in Miracles COMPLETE

This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary. Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum.   It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time. The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, which is your natural inheritance. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite.

This course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way:

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the Peace of God.


Thursday, September 8, 2016




Ah Ah Sha Sa Ma Ha
阿 阿 夏 沙 嘛 哈

Ma Ben Dharma Ra Ra
嘛 北ㄣ 當 嘛 ㄖㄚ ㄖㄚ

Ha Gan K(g)a Ah Sha La
哈 港 嘎 阿 夏 拉

Sa Den Dharma Da Li
沙 殿ㄣ 當 嘛 達 哩

Ga Ha Na Ah Li Ta
嘎 哈 哪 阿 哩 答

Ha Ma Sa Sha K(g)i U
哈 嘛 撒 夏 給 優

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Great Compaasion Mantra 大悲咒

Dear fellow friends,

The Great Compassion Mantra in English (or Nilakantha Dharani), also known as the Da Bei Zhou 大悲咒(Chinese) or as Maha Karuṇa Dharani is a Dharani (similar to mantra, but longer) of Mahayana Buddhist origin. According to the Mahakarunikacitta Sutra, it was first mentioned by the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.

Mantra of Avalokiteshvara

Namo Ratna Trayaya,
Namo Arya Jvana Sagara,
Byuhara Jaya Tathagataya.
Arahate, Samyaksam Buddhaya.
Namo Sarwa Tathagate Bhyay,
Arahata Bhyah,
Samyaksam Buddhe Bhyah.
Namo Arya Avalokite,
Shoraya Bodhisattvaya,
Maha Sattvaya,
Maha Karunikaya,
Om Dara Dara,
Diri Diri,
Duru Duru,
Itte We,
Te Chale Chale,
Prachale Prachale,
Kusuma Wa Re,
Ili Milli.
Chiti Jvala Mapanaye Shoha.

The Great Compassion Mantra is a verbal form of Dharana, a Sutra which uses syllables to transmit a powerful and effective transcendental message, creating a special state of consciousness and is said to have the power to liberate all sentient creatures from the Hell of Suffering, delivering them from Ignorance.

“Bhagavan, I have a mantra of Great-Compassionate Heart Dharani and now wish to proclaim it, for comforting and pleasing all living beings; for healing all illness; for living beings to attain additional lifespan; for living beings to gain wealth; for extinguishing all evil karma and weighty sins; for keeping away from hindrance and disasters; for producing merits of all White Dharma; for maturing all virtuous-roots; for overcoming all fears; for fulfilling all good wishes. Bhagavan, please be merciful and allow me to speak.”- Avalokitesvara’s quote.

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva continued to say to the Buddha : Bhagavan, should any living being who recites and holds the holy mantra of The Great Compassion fall into the three evil paths, I vow not to achieve the Correct-Awakening.

Should any living being who recites and holds the holy mantra of The Great Compassion not be reborn in any Buddha-World, I vow not to achieve the Correct-Awakening.

Should any living being who recites and holds the holy mantra of The Great Compassion not obtain unlimited bliss and eloquence, I vow not to achieve the Correct-Awakening.

Should any living being who recites and holds the holy mantra of The Great Compassion not obtain whatever he seeks in his present life, then it cannot be called the Dharani of the Great Compassionate Heart, unless it is used by those who are not virtuous or not completely sincere.

People and Gods who recite and hold The Great Compassion Mantra will obtain fifteen kinds of good birth and will not suffer fifteen kinds of bad death.

The bad deaths are:

  • They will not die of starvation or privation.
  • They will not die from having been yoked, imprisoned, caned or otherwise beaten.
  • They will not die at the hands of hostile enemies.
  • They will not be killed in military battle.
  • They will not be killed by tigers, wolves, or other evil beasts.
  • They will not die from the venom of poisonous snakes, black serpents, or scorpions.
  • They will not drown or be burned to death.
  • They will not be poisoned to death.
  • They will not die as a result of sorcery.
  • They will not die of madness or insanity.
  • They will not be killed by landslides or falling trees.
  • They will not die of nightmares sent by evil people.
  • They will not be killed by deviant spirits or evil ghosts.
  • They will not die of evil illnesses which bind the body.
  • They will not commit suicide.
Those who recite and hold the spiritual Mantra of Great Compassion will not suffer any of these fifteen kinds of bad death and will obtain the following fifteen kinds of good birth.

The Good Births are:

  • Their place of birth will always have a good king.
  • They will always be born in a good country.
  • They will always be born at a good time.
  • They will always meet good friends.
  • The organs of their body will always be complete.
  • Their heart will be pure and full in the way.
  • They will not violate the prohibitive precepts.
  • Their family will be kind and harmonious.
  • They will always have the necessary wealth and goods in abundance.
  • They will always obtain the respect and help of others.
  • Their riches will not be plundered.
  • They will obtain everything they seek.
  • Dragons, gods, and good spirits will always protect them.
  • In the place where they are born they will see the Buddha and hear the Dharma.
  • They will awaken to the profound meaning of that Proper Dharma which they hear.
Those who recite and hold this mantra will obtain these fifteen kinds of good birth. All gods and people should constantly recite and hold it, without carelessness.

If any living being usurps the drinks, foods, or possessions of Sanghas, even though one thousand Buddhas appear in the world, he will not get to repent and reform. Even if he repents, his sins will not be eliminated.

But now, by reciting this Great Compassion holy mantra, his sins will be eliminated. If anyone usurps, eats, or uses the drinks, foods, or possessions of Sanghas, he must repent to teachers of the ten directions to eliminate his sins.

Now, when he reties this Great Compassion Dharani, the teachers of the ten directions will come to bear witness, and then all his weighty sins and hindrances will be eliminated. ” quote from Mahakarunikacitta Sutra.

The Great Compassion Mantra Benefits: Da Bei Zhou 大悲咒 chanting

Protection, purification and it can also cure all illnesses.

Mantra of Great Compassion practice, explained by The Venerable Master Hsuan Hua:

“The great mantra of great compassion penetrates heaven and earth. One hundred recitations for one thousand days causes ten kings to rejoice. Its great compassion and kindness cure all disease. And so an announcement is projected high upon the offense screen.

When you recite the Great Compassion Mantra, the heavens quake and the earth trembles as the mantra penetrates heaven and earth. If you recite it 108 times every day for a thousand days (that’s about three years) reciting at the same time everyday without missing a day no matter how busy you are, then the ten kings who are directors in the hell in the courts of Yama are delighted.

With a sincere heart, you will certainly obtain a response from the mantra. When you have recited 108 times every day for a thousand days, the ten directions in the courts of Lord of Death will be delighted and all illness will be cured. You will have earned a great deal of merit because for three years: while reciting the mantra, you were not creating offences, you weren’t drinking wine, eating meat, or eating the five pungent plants.

In the hell there is a platform on which stands everything you’ve ever done – killing, stealing, arson – reliving all those experiences again. But you have no karma, then nothing will show up on the screen. Because you are devoid of karmic obstacles, they hang a sign up in the hells which says, “So and So recites The Great Compassion Mantra and has already destroyed his offense-karma.”

All ghosts and spirits in the hell must bow down in respect to him if they were meeting the Buddhas of the past, present and future. They protect him as they would the Buddhas and they must inform all other ghosts and spirits not to give him any trouble. So the power of this mantra is inconceivable.”

Here is a quote from The Vast, Great, Perfect, Full, Unimpeded Great Compassion Heart Dharani by The Venerable Master Hsuan Hua:

“If humans and Gods recite and hold the phrases of the Mantra of Great Compassion , then when they approach the end of life, all the Buddhas of the ten directions will come to take them by the hand to rebirth in whatever Buddha-land they wish, according to their desire … People and Gods who recite and hold the this mantra, will obtain fifteen kinds of good birth and will not suffer fifteen kinds of bad death … All Gods and people should constantly recite and hold it, without carelessness.”

Excerpts extracted from :

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Benefits of the Supercharged Neutrino Water

Dear All,

Once again, I'm grateful to Mr T.Tsujimoto for introducing the new Supercharged Neutrino Water Pot to me and my family.

My mother is in her 80s and she complained of neck pain in June 2015. Thus, I brought her to a Chinese Physician for acupuncture. That didn't help much. A few days later, she lose balance and fell down, leaving a bruised bump on her head. She also bleed quite badly from that bump on her head. Fortunately, I've bottled some Neutrino water from my friend's place and quickly applied the water to her bruised lump. Her bruise dried after a while with the regenerative effects of the Neutrino water.

On the next day, I felt I need to bring my mother to the clinic to check whether her fall could be more serious other than the bump on the head. The Doctor suggested me to send her to the emergency dept of the hospital to do further tests to ensure that she was fine. We did that and she was admitted for a day in the hospital for the tests to be administered. When I went to the hospital to fetch her on the next day, the Doctor said her head and neck did not suffer anything serious. But I could feel that my mother is weak.

Then I remembered Mr T.Tsujimoto has recently informed me about the new Supercharged Neutrino Water Pot (which he was a co-developer). I immediately thought of giving my mother this special water to heal her conditions.

After my mother started drinking the Supercharged Neutrino Water Pot (which didn't take up much space resting on the kitchen top), her neck and head were very much healed and she don't feel the pain there anymore. She has since been drinking this Neutrino Water for about 3 months. At her age of 80 years old, she can now move around slowly in the house without the use of her walking frame, able to do some simple chores. Her appetite is good and I'm very touched to see her in this healthy condition, compared to the day I went to the hospital to fetch her and was so heart-broken then to see her so weak and in pain.

The other good news is, my father, who is also in his 80s, has also benefitted from drinking the water daily from the Supercharged Neutrino Water Pot. His blood pressure is more regulated now . He is also very active around the house at a ripe age of 80 years old, all due to the benefits of drinking the  Neutrino Water.

If you wish to get the Supercharged Neutrino Water Pot for the health benefits for you and your family, you can contact me at +65 9857 0831, or you can contact Mr Mr T.Tsujimoto too at +65 6734 3350.


I've known Mr T.Tsujimoto more than 20 years ago through the power of the ESP Cosmic Energy. I'm truly grateful to him for his benevolence and kindness. God Bless him and his family.


Tony Chai

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Diamond Sutra

Greetings to All,

It is your virtue that has led you to the Diamond Sutra.

The teachings of the Diamond Sutra are profound. The Sutra basically conveys the following :

    a) Give without clinging to any notion
    b) Deliver all beings without the notion of a self
    c) Live without attachment
    d) Cultivate without any expectation

For details, kindly refer to the following link for more explanation of the Diamond Sutra :

For a chapter to chapter translation of the Diamond Sutra, please visit :

The benefits of the Diamond Sutra are explained here-with :

May the reading, reciting, spreading of the Diamond Sutra ushers in good tidings for you.


Tony Chai

"Wherever this Sutra is honored and revered there is a sacred site enshrining the presence of the Buddha or one of the Buddha's most venerable disciples."

Chapter 12, The Diamond Sutra

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Miraculous Benefits of the Neu G7 Water Activator System

Hi Everyone,

I believe that being grateful is a powerful emotion to attract what you desire in your life.

I want to especially thank Mr T. Tsujimoto for introducing the Neu G7 water activator to us.

Before I share how the Neu G7 water activator has helped recover the health of my loved ones and even for myself, I wish to invite you to watch this short video. It explains :

1. the technology behind the Neu G7 water activator
2. how this unique Neutrino Water helps restore not only our health, but also in improving our environment too.

In April 2014, my father suffered severe spine pain and became immobile. For almost 2 weeks, he could hardly get up from the bed or even sit up. I admitted him to the local hospital. As my father is already 80 yr old, his body could only took half of the spine adjustment operation. Frankly speaking, at that moment, I wasn't optimistic that he could recover back his usual mobility, especially after seeing how painful he was after the operation.

That was when I started bottling the Neu G7 water and brought it to the hospital to let my father drink the Neutrino Water. I'm so grateful that after drinking the Neu G7 water regularly, my father was slowly recuperating from his painful spine surgery. After he was discharged from the hospital, he was initially able to walk with a walking frame. Then, he was able to walk faster around the house by holding on to the wheelchair. Today, he can slowly walk around the house without using the wheelchair.

At this point I'm almost tearing up because deep in my heart, I'm truly grateful to see my father able to walk again. No money can buy the happiness to see that my father is now painless and is walking more steadily now, all with the help from drinking the Neutrino Water from the Neu G7 Water Activator system.

The other person who has benefitted from drinking the Neutrino Water is a very dear friend of mine - Mdm Lim.

Back in in July 2012, Mdm Lim suffered a severe left knee arthritis and was home bound for almost 3 months. Her left leg was all swollen and even the doctor was not optmistic of her condition. I've mentioned this matter to Mr T. Tsujimoto and he recommended the Neu G7 Water Activator system to her.

To make a long story short, after taking at least 2 litres of Neu G7 Neutrino Water every day (as recommended by Mr T. Tsujimoto) for the past 8 to 9 months, Mdm Lim is now able to walk stably with the use of a walking stick.

Currently, her left knee also experienced lesser pain. This is a big improvement compared to the 1st few months when her left knee was affected. As mentioned earlier during that time, her left leg was swollen when her left knee was in pain. She could hardly walk and she was in a wheelchair for about 3 months. I am just so grateful that by taking the Neu G7 Neutrino Water regularly, Mdm Lim is now able to walk to at least work half a day to pay some of her expenses.

Since I saw that her left knee condition was more stable, I was confident to bring her for a short trip to Bangkok, Thailand in September 2013. When taking the MRT in Bangkok, she could use the escalator to reach the train platform. But when coming down from the train platform, she has to climb the staircase. I’m just glad that she was able to climb staircases for the past 4 days of the Bangkok trip. She was also able to walk slowly with the walking stick to visit the Erawan shrine and a few shopping centres. I have also brought the ESP CD to bless that she has a safe trip with the ESP Cosmic Energy.

I just want to say that with the help of the Neu G7 Neutrino Water, Mdm Lim is able to walk stably to have an enjoyable holiday that she long desired.

As for myself, by drinking the Neu G7 Neutrino Water, the pain in my left lower back has also disappeared in a few months' time. I believe my kidney stones have been cleansed by the regular drinking of the Neu G7 Neutrino Water.

These are my personal experiences from drinking the Neu G7 Neutrino Water. It has not only helped me; but has also saved the lives of people around me. I'm truly thankful.

If you wish to buy the Neu G7 Water Activator system in Singapore, please contact this very nice & knowledgeable Japanese elderly man, Mr T. Tsujimoto, whom I've mentioned earlier. He is the distributor for the Neu G7 Water Activator system in Singapore. His office address is Far East Shopping Centre #03-28, 545 Orchard Road, (S)238882. Tel : (65) 6734 3350.

Mr T. Tsujimoto started distributing Neu G7 Water Activator system since 2013.

I hope the Neu G7 Water Activator system can help you and your loved ones too!

With Thanks & Warmest Regards!

Tony Chai